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Drum Corps?

What exactly is Drum Corps?
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hat is Drum Corps?

The Definition

There is no true definition of what drum corps is. It can be an activity, a sport, entertainment, arts, music, education, a group, the experience, the memory, or the emotion and feelings that it creates. It is an ever-changing marching and musical activity featuring kids and young adults typically between the ages of 14-21. Members play a variety of instruments and handle several equipment: including (but not limited to) trumpets, baritones, drums, and flags. Each season typically starts around November with auditions and practices start the following January. The practices continue through June when the first shows start and conclude in mid August. There are multiple drum corps from all over the country (and world) with thousands of members that participate from every continent.
You can read more about Drum Corps here.

So Drum Corps is like a Marching Band?

This is a very common question.. and while there are several similarities, one common analogy would be: Drum Corps is the professional version of Marching Band.. if you like football, Marching Band is High School Football and Drum Corps is the NFL. If you like fishing, Marching Band is like trying to fish for goldfish out of a glass bowl, where Drum Corps is trying to hunt a Great White while fly fishing.... or something to that effect. You get the point.

The biggest difference is that Drum Corps members practice from January—August on one show, typically 12 hours a day and perform for tens of thousands of audience members in NFL stadiums across the country.

Is Drum Corps worth it?

Thousands of kids and young adults march every summer. They have fun, make great life long friends, get an excellent workout, and more importantly... learn life long lessons and values. This is not your summer camp though! These members pour their heart and soul into what they do, regularly practice 12+ hours every day for weeks, and end up performing for tens of thousands of people throughout the summer! This is a very hard, rewarding and challenging opportunity that not only is physically and mentally hard to do, but the members have to audition to be a part of the group, and on top of that... they have to pay a LOT of money to do it! However the things you experience, learn and gain from the activity is invaluable.

What drum corps are currently active?

  • DCI - World Class
  • DCI - Open Class
  • DCA - Member Corps
  • International
The Academy - Tempe, AZ - https://arizonaacademy.org
Blue Devils - Concord, CA - http://bluedevils.org
Blue Knights - Denver, CO - http://ascendperformingarts.org
Blue Stars - La Crosse, WI - http://bluestars.org
Bluecoats - Canton, OH - http://bluecoats.com
Boston Crusaders - Boston, MA - http://bostoncrusaders.org
The Cadets - Allentown, PA - https://yea.org/programs/cadets
Carolina Crown - Fort Mill, SC - http://carolinacrown.org
The Cavaliers - Rosemont, IL - http://cavaliers.org
Colts - Dubuque, IA - http://colts.org
Crossmen - San Antonio, TX - http://crossmen.org
Genesis - Austin, TX - http://genesisdbc.org
Jersey Surf - Camden County, NJ - http://jerseysurf.org
Madison Scouts - Madison, WI - http://madisonscouts.org
Mandarins - Sacramento, CA - http://mandarins.org
Music City - Nashville, TN - http://musiccitydrumcorps.org
Pacific Crest - Diamond Bar, CA - http://pacific-crest.org
Phantom Regiment - Rockford, IL - http://regiment.org
Santa Clara Vanguard - Santa Clara, CA - http://scvanguard.org
Seattle Cascades - Seattle, WA - http://seattlecascades.org
Spirit of Atlanta - Atlanta, GA - https://spiritofatlanta.org
Troopers - Casper, WY - http://troopersdrumcorps.org
7th Regiment - New London, CT - http://7thregiment.org
The Battalion - Salt Lake City, UT - http://battalioncorps.org
Blue Devils B - Concord, CA - http://bluedevils.org
Blue Devils C - Concord, CA - http://bluedevils.org
Colt Cadets - Dubuque, IA - http://colts.org
Columbians - Tri-Cities, WA - http://columbiansdrumcorps.org
Gold - San Diego, CA - http://golddrumcorps.org
Golden Empire - Bakersfield, CA - http://geperformingarts.org
Guardians - Houston, TX - http://guardiansdbc.org
Heat Wave - Tampa Bay, FL - https://heat-wave.org
Impulse - Buena Park, CA - http://impulseyoutharts.org
Legends - Kalamazoo, MI - http://legendspaa.org
Les Stentors - Sherbrooke, QC - http://stentors.net
Louisiana Stars - Lafayette, LA - http://louisianastars.org
Raiders - Burlington, NJ - http://raidersdbc.org
River City Rhythm - Anoka, MN - http://rivercityrhythm.org
Shadow - Oregon, WI - http://shadowdbc.org
Southwind - Mobile, AL - http://southwind.org
Spartans - Nashua, NH - http://spartansdbc.org
Vanguard Cadets - Santa Clara, CA - http://scvanguard.org
Vessel - Long Beach, CA - http://vesseldbc.org
Watchmen - Riverside, CA - http://watchmenartsassociation.org
Atlanta CV - Atlanta, Georgia - http://www.atlantacv.org/
Bushwackers - Princeton, New Jersey - http://www.bushdrumcorps.org
Cincinnati Tradition - Cincinnati, Ohio - http://www.cincinnatitradition.org/
Hawthorne Caballeros - Hawthorne, New Jersey - http://www.hawthornecaballeros.org/
Fusion Core - Morris County, New Jersey - http://www.fusioncore.org/
Hurricanes - Seymour, Connecticut - http://www.cthurricanes.org/
Reading Buccaneers - Reading, Pennsylvania - http://www.readingbuccaneers.org/
Southern Knights - Birmingham, Alabama - http://www.southernknightscorps.org/
Sunrisers - Long Island, New York - http://www.sunrisersdrumcorps.org/
White Sabers - Dansville, New York - http://www.whitesabers.org/
Columbus Saints - Columbus, OH - http://www.columbussaints.org
Carolina Gold - Greensboro, North Carolina - http://www.carolinagold.org/
Govenaires - St. Peter, Minnesota - http://www.govenaires.org/
Skyliners - Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA - http://www.skylinersdbc.org/
Beeches Performance Ensemble - Birmingham, UK - http://beechespe.org.uk/index.php
Kidsgrove Scouts - Kidsgrove, Staffordshire, UK - http://kidsgrovescouts.org.uk