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The people who run HelpMeMarch
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Eric Lozaga
Founder, CEO, Developer, Photographer
Eric is the founder and developer of HMM. He marched 4 years with the Concord Blue Devils (DCI) and taught/marched at SoCal Dream (DCA) for two years. He was also on the visual staff at The Columbians (DCI) for a year. He is currently the marching director at Moscow High School in Idaho, and also taught at teaching several marching bands in Hawaii and California. After completing his enlistment in the US Navy, Eric became a website developer and has been developing websites since.
Facebook Karyn Scrivener
Karyn Scrivener
When it comes to English this girl knows her stuff. Karyn is a super mom by day and super medical transcriptionist by night. She also marched with Magic of Orlando and the Blue Devils, so obviously she rocks as well.
Charles Frey
Charles Frey
Charles is a photographer based out of San Diego, CA. He has been taking photos of the performing arts for decades and his work is well known in DCI, DCA, WGI, and the marching band world.
Position Available
HMM is in the need of a marketer whose job will be to market the site and services and to partner the site with other companies and services.