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What exactly is HelpMeMarch?

HelpMeMarch (HMM) came about early in the 2009 season when a friend was looking for sponsors on Facebook to raise donations for their tour fees. I helped pair them up with several sponsors and quickly raised $200 for the member, and HelpMeMarch was born. Today, HMM allows any member of the Drum Corps organization to create a free profile which can be shared with over social media or email. It also includes free tools for users to utilize to help raise more donation money. For those interested in helping people, sponsors can sign up for free and then view/search for members to donate to.

Since 2009 HMM has helped raise over a total of $12,065 in tour donations for 1,494 members representing 89 different drum corps.

For the 2015 season, HMM has plans to help even more members while also enhancing the relationships of the sponsors and the members they have donated to.